Emperor of the Air Big Air competition  Rhyl North Wales.

Big Competition Emperor of the Air.

 Our event will be an annual kitesurfing Jam for all to enjoy! 

We will be crowning the Emperor of the Air and first and second places on the evening beach party. We'll have live music for everyone to enjoy a few beers after until late!  Over night say will be available in our car park or local hotels and B&B’s. 


Some of the best local and international kite surfer's will be here to demonstrate their skills.......

fly hi or go home!!

Rules of our event (any independent kite surfer can enter)

1. Kiteboarders will be scored by all riders
2. Kiteboarders are allowed to use their own equipment in Big Air competition
3. Kiteboarders should not land jumps on the beach
4. Judges (riders) will award each kiteboarder's jumps points on a scale from 1 to 10
5. Tied kiteboarders' heat scores will be listed in order of the best to worst individual jump scores - the rider with the best individual jump score wins
6. Judges (riders) will analyse and score jumps based on height, style and technical performance
7. The Big Air jumps have four basic categories: basic spins and rolls, kite loops, board-offs, and handle passes
8. Woo's will be used to judge overall height and impact!!

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