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Engineered for Ultra and hydrofoil riders primarily

Simple and clutter free control system
Largest amount of de-power travel in the control bar range

Airush - Ultra Bar


Minimalist, versatile & lightweight.
Extended bar throw.
Compact pre-set trim system.

Staying true to the Ultra name and philosophy, the Ultra Bar delivers a control system that is extremely simple, versatile, and lightweight for advanced riders. Having removed the ability to trim on demand by eliminating the bulky straps or cleats, the depower line is completely clear so that riders can utilize the full extension of their reach for the maximum amount of range.

Lightweight control bar.
Set and forget trim system.
Small & wave slider harness loop.

Bar Length:
50cm – 60cm Adjustable.
4 Line Bar.

24m total = 1m leader lines + 21m lower lines + 3m upper lines.

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