SIZE - 134cm - 137cm - 141cm - 146cm



Designed for steady, easy-paced kiteboarding, the Slingshot Crisis keeps you on the water. Its beginner to intermediate rocker profile and mellow single concave allows you to move naturally and comfortably on the water.

The friendly outline is designed to keep you upwind and free from spray in the face. Just because the Crisis is easy to use, doesn’t mean you need to be easy on it. Built on top of an Atomic Wood Core and rounded out with our Single Shot Fusion Sidewall, the Crisis will be in you quiver for a long time to come.


  • + If you are looking for a no frills, time tested, proven twin tip shape, the CRISIS is your go too for all ses-sion all condition versatility.
    + A thinner core means the Crisis, is one of the most flexible and most forgiving twin tips in our range. This east up chop and gives the rider one of the most comfortable rides you can find.