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Multi facetted Enduro performance board

Ronson Prismatic is our multi facetted Enduro performance board designed for riders that refuse to be categorized by one discipline or style and need a deck that can do it all. A constant curve rocker delivers constant rail grip no matter the angle of the board in the water cleanly passing through the chop with no loss of control or speed -edging, carving, and delivering both kite high or kite low pop with ease.

Shinn - Ronson Prismatic - Kiteboard - Twintip - 2022


Developed through 3 generations of the Ronson our double stepped tip channels reduce drag and allow a clean exit of water from the board whilst also increasing the rocker in the center of the tail - great for both heavy landings and aggressive takeoffs. Our dedicated finger grab is carefully aligned on both the deck and base providing a firm grip whether mastering board-offs without a handle or simply carrying the board on the beach. The Ronson Prismatic features increased lengths per width generating even more grip and comfort -especially in the chop. The latest in a long line of favorites - the Ronson Prismatic delivers beyond expectations no matter the conditions or style you aspire to.

138 x 41cm (53mm fins) (<80 kg w/straps) (<75 kg w/bindings)
141 x 42cm (53mm fins) (80-90 kg w/straps) (75-85 kg w/bindings)

144 x 43cm (53mm fins) (>90 kg w/straps) (>85 kg w/bindings)

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