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Control / Stiff / Performance


Why We Made It

We wanted a two-piece boom for easy packability and travel that would work on Javelin wing sizes from 2.5M - 7.5M.


Why You'll Love It

  • Two-piece design for packability and travel.
  • Easy push-pin installation and breakdown.
  • EVA grip.
  • Increased control.


Package Includes:

Javelin Carbon Boom, Boom Sleeve

Slingshot - Javelin Carbon Boom V1 - 2023

SKU: 1230920000

This two-piece carbon boom features an EVA foam grip and push-button connectivity to our Javelin wing. 

 Use only the longer section for Javelin sizes 2.5M - 4.0M. Then connect the 2nd piece for sizes 4.5M - 7.5M


Push-Pin Boom Connection 

Boom sections snap together easily by squeezing the two push-pins, and connect to the wing using the same pin system. 

Two-Piece Boom 

Packs down small and fits the full range of Javelin wing sizes.

Eva Wrap 

Provides great grip and is soft on the hands.

Boom Sleeve 

Keep your boom protected while you travel with the included boom sleeve.

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