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Package Includes

SST V7 Kite, Kite Bag, QSG, Bladder Patch Kit

Slingshot - SST V7 - Kite - 2023


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The SST V7 continues to push the limits of a kitesurfing kite. We have implemented an all-new Dacron that is lighter and provides even more performance. This new material coupled with our thinnest and lightest struts ever have made the SST V7 one of the lightest three-strut kites ever produced.

Slingshot team rider and kitesurfing pioneer, Ben Wilson, continues to task our development team to push the limits of speed and drift. Building on the SST V6 platform that Ben fell in love with, our design team rose to the occasion and delivered a further refined SST V7 that offers lightning-fast response and precision turning.


We built the SST V7 to deliver next-level speed, drift, and response while also providing the rider with great upwind reach and quick water-relaunch confidence.


  • The SST V7 delivers hero-level drift, speed, and response to maximize your fun on a surfboard, foil, or twin-tip
  • Faster, lighter, and more technically advanced than its predecessor, the SST V7 is the next evolution of a kitesurfing kite
  • Favorite kite of Slignshot athelte and kitesurfing pioneer, Ben Wilson
  • Key Improvements include faster turning, as well as increased upwind performance and water relaunch
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