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Size - 140


The Vision is a high performance twin tip that is classified as an aggressive freeride crossover board. You get great edge control, as well as pop and hold for learning new aerial manoeuvres and it has a crazy-light feel.


Why You'll Love The 2020 Vision

  • NEW Naca Vortex Tunnels provide the fastest and most explosive board in our range
  • NEW Design creates the highest performance freeride twin tip in our line
  • NEW Sizes ensures everyone can see the light with the new Vision


Package Includes:

2020 Vision Board, 4 x 1.75” (19x15.2cm) NEW kite fins, NEW grab handle

Slingshot Vision Kiteboard 2020

SKU: 120223140
£599.00 Regular Price
£360.00Sale Price

Spend & Save

NACA Vortex Tunnels

Naca Vortex Tunnels are the most advanced channel technology found in a full wood core board. These tunnels provide the most water compression and release out of any channel on the market. This means more control and more board speed than ever before.

New Design for 2020

Now featuring a more pulled in tip and tail outline the Vision is much more efficient through the water. Riders will feel a smoother and more consistent ride in choppy conditions.

New Size Range

Now available in a 136, 140, and 144cm sizing, the Vision can be ridden by anyone of any size.

Atomic Wood Core

Sustainably grown Paulownia gives the lively, springy character that Slingshot boards are famous for. Vertically laminated construction harnesses the collective strength of the wood’s grain and provides strength, durability and consistent flex over the life of the board.

Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls

We’ve transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all our boards. Our innovative manufacturing process literally infuses the rail into the board cores in one single shot, producing unrivalled dampening and durability.

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Light, flexible and super strong, our inserts are reinforced with carbon fibre before being inlaid into the board. Reduces overall board weight, increases pull strength and allows for a more consistent flex under foot.

Dura-Light Base

This .2mm base material is the ideal strength to weight ratio. Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.

New Kite Fins & Grab Handle


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