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Mystic Aviator 

Seat Harness 



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Mystic - Aviator Seat Harness - Black - 2021

£104.90 Regular Price
£62.94Sale Price

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The most comfortable seat harness 

The new Aviator seat harness from Mystic has a new designed hook. As a result, the hook pushes less against the ribs, which is much more comfortable. The harness has a perfect fit due to the comfortable foam panels and the leg straps. There is a ring on both sides that you can attach your leash to. The buckles of the harness are covered with neoprene. This makes them even better protected against water, salt and sand. 

The advantage of a seat harness is that the hardess cannot ride up due to the straps around the legs. You also have more support in your back. The hook is much lower than with a waist harness. This makes it easier to ride with a lot of wind. If you have shorter arms, a seat harness is also very convenient, because it means the bar is lower and you can reach it more easily.

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