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The sickest graphics backed by the newest technologies. A great combo of performance and style. The Jayde Fullsuit is designed for those who are to be out there. On the inside the Jayde has fully waterproof stretch taped seams combined with Flaremesh+ on the back, Chest panels and lower body to ensure maximum comfort and warmth. 

Mystic - Jayde Fullsuit 5/4mm Double Front Zip - Black - 2022

£339.95 Regular Price
£288.96Sale Price

Spend & Save

The Mystic Jayde is the continuation and upgrade of the very popular Mystic Diva, a great all round suit available in 3/2mm, 4/3mm and 5/3mm so there is something to everyone in all conditions.

Look Good, but feel even better

The Jayde is the perfect balance for people who want to look good, but feel even better. Featuring stylish graphics combined with the best new technology makes this wetsuit a must-have. Maximum warmth, comfort and flexibility make the Jayde a full package

This Mystic Jayde 5/4 frontzip is jam-packed with new features. First and foremost, the rubber in this suit is Yamamoto 39. A premium Japanese limestone neoprene with insane thermal and stretch properties. To improve stretch and heat even more we’ve Knitflex+ and Flaremesh+. Knitflex+ is an outer lining that stretches better and hold less water. Flaremesh+ is our new quick-dry inner lining with a geometrical pattern to improve stretch. We’ve reinforced the single lined Wind Mesh panels making them sturdier while still reducing wind chill. The Mystic Jayde 5/4 frontzip is a great combo of performance and style.


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