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SIZE 4m - 10m 


If you are looking for a lightweight ultra-simple kite to take your riding to the next level, the Ghost is your friendly companion. Its Flyweight construction, one strut design, and segmented swept wingtips cover both low-and high-end wind, giving it a niche in the market.

Slingshot - Ghost V1 2020

£899.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price

Spend & Save

  • NEW Single Strut Platform - Lightweight & agile in the sky / Small and packable on the beach
  • NEW Compact Swept C shape - provides the precision of a C kite with the instant on/off power delivery of a swept wingtip shape
  • NEW 4x4 Canopy Tech - The stiffest canopy material on the market reduces flutter and increases durability
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