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These 5mm split-toe boots are lined with Wind Mesh on the outside and Flaremesh on the inside. GBS and Liquid seams will prevent any water from seeping in. Getting in and out of these bad boys is a breeze.



  • M-Flex 2.0 (100%) 
  • Flaremesh 
  • Knitflex



Eur 37 | Eur 38-39 | Eur 40 | Eur 41-42 | Eur 43 | Eur 44-45 | Eur 46 | Eur 47-48

Mystic Supreme Boot 5mm Split Toe - 2022


Mystic's warmest design boot to date. A fine combination of M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, Knitflex on the heels and Wind skin neoprene on top to reduce wind chill while maintaining flexibility. All seams are GBS and fully taped with Waterproof stretch Flaremesh taping. The Hex-grip lite sole makes sure you're still in touch with your deck without losing grip

  • M-Flex neoprene - 100%
  • Clean design
  • Knitflex outer
  • GBS seams
  • Wind skin neoprene on top
  • Waterproof stretch taping
  • Flaremesh internally
  • Hex-grip lite sole
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