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26% off RRP


2023 Code Zero 9m - £1199

Navigator Bar 45cm - 50cm - £539

Sense Board 135x47cm - £670 

Foil Setup AF72 + Sonar 1150 Front Wing - £1090


**Price already reflects 26% Discount** 

North Foil Package


Code Zero 2023

The all-new Code Zero is a light, fast and reactive single-strut performer with effortless one-handed control and efficient light wind power delivery. It flies and turns quickly with excellent drift and manoeuvrability which makes it ideal for foiling and small surf.


Navigator Bar

The Navigator Control System connects you to intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. With faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions, the Connect Quick Release and leash now complies with ISO Standard 21853:2020. 


Sense Foilboard 

The Sense offers intuitive modern technology, strength and performance in a user-friendly TwinTip style foil board, with a lightweight and durable Paulownia wood core construction. We have introduced a new and improved board stiffness for a more direct feel and control, plus Free-V Foil strap inserts giving you more flexibility with your foot placement when riding with straps. The Max grip corduroy deck pad provides a comfortable grip and visual stance referencing. 


Sonar Foil Edition

The new refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads, so you can wing, SUP, surf and kite foil with confidence, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. The AF72 Mast is ideal for shallower waters and prone to surf foiling.


Sonar 1150 Front Wing 

Loose and carve feeling with an early takeoff so you are up and riding sooner. Freeride or wakeful with confidence on this stable crossover foil with easy progression. The Sonar 1150 delivers effortless performance and speed at the bottom end of the wind range and a low stall speed, with efficient glide. Pump It, Carve it. Lighter riders can also foil surf or SUP foil this wing when paired with a 70cm mast.

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