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Performance Freeride / Big Air



138 X 41 



  • Premium carbon performance 
  • Precise responsive edge control 
  • Impact-absorbing single concave to quad channels

North Atmos Carbon Kiteboard 2021

SKU: N21B-TT-ATM-C-138
£899.00 Regular Price
£719.20Sale Price

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Ultimate High Performance freeride and big air kiteboard by North

If you"re looking for the ultimate big air kiteboard that will take you straight to the atmosphere, check out the North Atmos 2021! This board is the favourite twin tip of Nick Jacobsen and Jesse Richman, so you know what is possible with this board.

The North Atmos Carbon is a high performance freeride kiteboard for big air, boosts, kiteloops and soft landings. This board has been perfected to give you the best combination of stiffness, pop and flex. The North Atmos Carbon rides wonderfully in all conditions and feels very dynamic and as light as a feather. It is made from carbon composite, resulting in superior pop and the best control at high speed.

The 2021 Atmos Carbon has received new tips for extra durability. In addition, it has been given a completely new design and new fins that will last even longer. The North Atmos Carbon is super lightweight and you notice that as soon as you hang in the air. It"s really like being one with your board so you can boost into the air with confidence! 

The Atmos Carbon 2021 has a single concave in the bottom and four double channels in the tips for extra grip and control. Thanks to the rocker you can easily ride over chop and waves, but it still goes remarkably well upwind. An ultimate high performance kiteboard for riders who want the best of the best!

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