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North Navigator Pro Bar 2024







Control Bar, Quick Release with Security Finger, 12+10m Pro Lines (Ø1.55mm Front Lines, Ø1.33mm Rear Lines), Pro Freeride Loop, Standard Leash (Pro)

North Navigator Pro Bar 2024


Spend & Save

North Navigator Pro Bar 2024 The safest, most universally compatible, high-performance control system ever.

Now auto-unwinding, stronger and lighter, with unrivalled comfort and grip in all conditions.

At North, we know from experience that trust in your control system means everything – especially when you are boosting. The connection point between you and your power source can make or break a session.

We’ve poured more than 25 years of research, three years of development, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of on-water testing into this system, redesigning and improving 70% of the 130 parts that go into it.

The Nav Pro is an evolution of our original Navigator Control System, safer, comfortable and easy to use, even while performing at the highest level of competition. With modular spare parts that are easy to replace, ensuring the lifespan of your control system can be extended beyond the industry-norm.

The new pro-version of the Navigator is now safer, stronger, lighter, easier to use and packed full of features - like the all-new auto unwind

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