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North Nova Wing 2023 Your Everything 


Performance Freeride



1.9 | 2.5 | 2.9 | 3.5 | 4.2 | 5 | 6 | 7 



Sunset Yellow

Rubine Red

Pacific Blue 



Wing, Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit



North Nova Wing 2023


North Nova Wing 2023, A wing with power when needed and a sweet spot so generous it makes hard things easy. Maximum low-end to get you up on the foil earlier. Top-end performance that lets you exploit gusty conditions.

Engineered to feel light in your hands, the 2023 Nova’s progressive swept outline and refined profile section makes it easier to handle and more stable when riding. Your front and back arm pressure is even not bankhand-heavy.

The wingtip geometry and balanced dihedral also prevent oscillation side-to-side when gripping the front handle, riding downwind swell, surfing or simply walking towards the water.

The new draft-forward curvature in the profile section generates more lift in the front of the wing. This makes transitions smoother so you can glide through turns effortlessly, and when combined with improved canopy tensioning, boosts Nova’s low-end power.

A stiffer, more responsive airframe means the canopy stays clean through a wider wind range. We’ve minimised flutter and created a clean trailing-edge release with reduced drag. Then, to ensure the wing remains stable and comfortable in overpowered conditions, we’ve tapered the leading-edge diameter, concentrating the stiffness in the LE centre and allowing the reflexed wingtips to dump excess power.

Master of the upwind, glide through tacks, float through gybes and lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you’re chasing, the Nova will sen you there faster.

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