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North Scoop Foil Board 2024 Ride Like the Wind


Performance Kite/Tow-In Foilboard 



120x46 | 135x49






Board, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)



North Scoop Foil Board 2024


A direct and responsive performance foil board with instant touchdown recovery. The Scoop features and intuitive concaved deck for smooth transitions and easy steering.

The lightweight Hybrid Carbon construction is engineered with a structurally reinforced core for impact resistance and rigidity. Combined with its forgiving hull shape, this durable construction makes the Scoop with a triplane hull design for earlier takeoffs and faster release.

The angled planing surfaces, refined rocker and finer bevelled rails give the board a more balanced, forgiving touchdown recovery on more variable angles. One of our most versatile foilboards, the Scoop delivers a trusted platform for strapping big wave tow-foiling - from Pe’ahi to your local 2ft beach break.

It is also your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance witefoil missions or an after-work sundowner.

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