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North Sense Foil Board 2024 Another Dimension 


Kite / Wake Foilboard 









Board, Sense Screw Pack (4x M8x23mm), Foil Strap Screws (5x M6x18mm, 5x M6x20mm). Straps sold separately



North Sense Foil Board 2024

SKU: N24B-FB-SEN-135

Step up your foiling game with roll to ride water starts, magic glide, fast set up and fuss-free travelling. The Sense delivers strength and performance in a lightweight and durable wood core construction. Even on the lightest wind days, this board is your gateway to new adventures. 


Effortless take-offs

Low volume and neutral buoyancy. 

Improved board stiffness 

For more direct feel and control. New lighter weight composite construction with a durable Paulownia wood core provides stiffness for a more direct feel and powerful foil response. Ideal for landing freestyle tricks. 

Low profile shape 

With durable ABS rails - perfect for fuss-free travel, freeride kite or wake foiling. A ton of fun on those no-wind days. 

Centreline and V-Straps Inserts

Free and Free-V Foil Strap inserts give you flexibility with your foot placement when riding with straps. Straps sold separately. 

165x90mm foil mounting 

The quick-setup four-point screw-in connection system provides a stable base for efficient load transfer. Industry standard bolt spacing 165 x 90mm 

Max-Grip Deckpack with Foil Strap Inserts 

The Max-Grip corduroy deck pad provides a comfortable grip and visual stance referencing. Customise your stance with 5 different positioning options for each strap - or go strapless. (Straps sold separately)

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