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Catch Every Wave  


Surf Foilboard



4’2 | 4’4 | 4’6 | 4’10 






Board with EVA Deckpad, Leash Attachment Loop, GORE Vent, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)



North Swell Foil Board 2024


Pocket frother. Foam Chaser.

No Wave is “too” anything for the Swell, our dedicated prone surf foil board with an intuitive, direct connection to your foil. Engineered with a lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction with high-density dual stringers, the Swell feel stiff, responsive and manoeuvrable. Grip-friendly concaved forward rails make duck diving and pop-ups a breeze and the wedged tail shape improves pumpability.

For 2024 we’ve introduced an efficient tri-plane hull design for more stable, fast-release take-offs and effortless touchdown recovery. A lower entry rocker and refined profile in each size gives the board more effective surface area, helping to support your weight when prone and increase your paddling speed. The boards new non-abrasive max-traction heat-embosses deck grip features a centreline ridge and transverse markers for tactile and visual stance referencing. The integrated tail kickpad features cutouts for your feet while prone paddling.

Catch more waves with ease with the new Swell.

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