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Fueled by insights from the world’s most demanding kiteboarders in all disciplines, we developed the all-new RPX based on learnings from our premiere high-performance freeride kite, the legendary RPM.

Slingshot RPX V1 Kite 2021

SKU: 121121008
£1,049.00 Regular Price
£700.00Sale Price

Spend & Save

Colour: green

+ The RPX is one of the best all around kites on the market today.
It delivers hero level performance in every category of kiteboarding.

+ Faster, Lighter, and more technically advance than its predecessor; The RPX is the next evolution of a freeride kite.

+ The RPX boasts top of the line performance and Handling as well as extensive range, depower, and upwind ability. The RPX is designed
to take you to your next kiteboarding milestone, no matter what that is.

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