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Kite / Tow - In Foilboard



Titanium: 120x46 cm



  • Board with Eva Deckpad
  • Dropbox Screw Pack

(4X M8X30MM, 4X T-NUTS) 

North Scoop Foilboard - 2021

SKU: N21B-FB-SCO-120
£910.00 Regular Price
£819.00Sale Price

Spend & Save

Hybrid carbon

  • New Deep-V concave bottom, ultra-scooped nose and bevelled rails for instant touchdown recovery
  • New lightweight carbon hybrid technology with high-density dual stringers
  • Concaved deck for tactile feel and intuitive foot positioning
  • New max-grip deckpad with visual stance reference
  • New DropBox for fast mounting (165x90 bolt spacing)
  • Free-V and Free Foil Strap Inserts (straps sold separately)

What Riders Say

"Super easy to get up and stay up. It's almost impossible to nose dive." - Nick Jacobsen

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