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Sonar Dawn Edition 

Modular Foil



AK70 | AK85



  • AK70 or AK85 Mast
  • AK Board Adaptor 
  • Fuselage A600
  • S01 Stabilizer with Cover
  • Tool Set
  • Screw Pack A,B,C
  • Travel Bag


*Foil to board mounting screws are included with North Foil Boards.


North Sonar Kite Edition Foil Package

SKU: 85004.210065

Spend & Save

  • Precisely CNC-machined aluminium AK70 or AK85 Kite Foil Mast
  • GeoLock tapered geometry locking system
  • Carbon pre-preg S01 Stabiliser for control and riding comfort
  • Lightweight AK Board Adaptor for optimum load transfer and direct steering impulse
  • Industry standard 165x90mm bolt pattern
  • Hydrodynamically-optimised A600 Fuselage
  • Fully modular foil system Supplied with Heavy Duty 600D Padded Travel Bag
  • Front Wing sold separately
  • Foil to board mounting screws supplied with North Foil Boards


"If you’re learning to foil, longer fuselage is the way to." - George Hradil

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