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Sonar Foil Edition

Modular Foil



Black:  - AF72



  • 72cm Mast
  • S01 Stabilizer with cover
  • 600mm Fuselage 
  • AF Board Adaptor
  • Screw Pack A,B,C
  • Tool set
  • Travel bag

North Sonar Foil Edition Package

£640.00 Regular Price
£580.00Sale Price

Spend & Save

The New refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads, so you can wing, SUP, surf and kite foil with confidence, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. Engineered to last, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, and our unique GeoLock system for a clean, direct feel with minimum resistance on the water. The AF72 mast is ideal for shallower waters and prone surf foiling.

Where It Thrives

Wing, surf or SUP foiling

What Riders Say

"Extremely intuitive - first try felt like I've been riding on it for years." - Jesse Richman

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